1st Grade Teacher Arrested For Trying To Buy ‘Eight Ball’ Of Meth At School.

1st Grade Teacher Arrested For Trying To Buy 'Eight Ball' Of Meth At School.

A Florida 1st grade teacher was busted for trying to purchase an Eight ball of methamphetamine during class.

Valerie Lee Prince was recorded asking an undercover officer for the drugs at Jacksonville Heights Elementary School.

Lee was talking to the undercover about buying an $85 “eight ball” of meth before students arrived at 8 a.m. or during her lunch break.

The teacher intended to leave the classroom just to buy the narcotics and use some then save the rest for her boyfriend.

Police made the arrest after school and Prince was charged with possession of methamphetamine.

She was removed from her job and charged with possession of meth, and if she gets a job it will not involve contact with children.

She is due for arraignment on March 10.