5 officers faces manslaughter charges for fatally shooting 15-year-old robbery suspect.


Can’t trust these cops…..Video shows officers shooting 15-year-old robbery suspect dead last year

Five Oklahoma police officers were charged with manslaughter on Wednesday for his death.

Back in November, Stavian Rodriguez, 15  was killed after officers responded to a report of an armed robbery at an Oklahoma City gas station.

The owner of the gas station managed to leave and lock Rodriguez inside as officers surrounded the business, police said. Rodriguez was shot after he climbed out the drive-thru window.

Surveillance Footage ¬†released by the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office shows Rodriguez emerge from the convenience store building as officers yell for him to show his hands, lay on the ground and drop his firearm. Rodriguez can be seen dropping a gun on the ground and reaching toward his back pocket before the officers open fire.

Via (abc7ny.com)