6-Year-Old arrested and charged for picking flower.

 A 6-Year-old boy was arrested and charged with injury to real property for picking a tulip from a bus stop in North Carolina.

The child recently showed up to juvenile court with his lawyer after his mother couldn’t make the intake meeting.

A 6-year-old … we’re talking about someone that’s in kindergarten, first grade. They don’t understand the process, they don’t understand what’s going on, they probably don’t even know their address,” Hunter was quoted as saying.

The child’s lawyer argued…..

She also shared that she had to give the child a coloring book and crayons while in juvenile court because his attention span was too short for the legal proceedings

The judge later dismissed the case .

The 6 year-old that was arrested is Black, has also been seen as a case of racial discrimination in the juvenile justice system.

“When a cop picks up a white boy, he takes him to his parents. But if he is black, he takes him to the state,” Mary Stansell, juvenile chief at the Wake County Public Defender’s Office, was quoted as saying.

lawmakers in North Carolina passed the Raise the Age Laws, moving the maximum age for kids in the juvenile justice system from 16 to 18 years old.