6ix9ine’s former manager Shotti was sentenced to 15-years today.

6ix9ine's former manager Shotti was sentenced to 15-years today.

6ix9ine’s former manager Kifano Jordan, better known as Shotti or Tr3yway was sentenced today in a New York court.

According to Complex Shotti’s case came to an end today 9/6/19 when he was sentenced to 15 years behind bars in the long-running 6ix9ine racketeering case

Via https://www.complex.com

Last March, Jordan pleaded guilty to firearms offenses relating to two different violent incidents. The first, for using and possessing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, was for the now-infamous armed robbery in the lobby of the G-Unit office building on April 3, 2018. That robbery, of 6ix9ine’s mentor-turned-rival Scumlord D!zzy and a Rap-A-Lot affiliated rapper named Junya Boy (along with a publicist) was caught on tape both by building surveillance and, according to court documents, by 6ix9ine himself, who was filming from the backseat of a nearby car. Jordan was, court docs claim, “holding a pistol throughout the robbery.” He received a sentence of five years for that count, which was the legal minimum.
The second count, of discharging a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, dates to an incident in Brooklyn just a few weeks later, on April 21, 2018. Here’s how court documents describe what happened:
“[T]he defendant [Shotti] was with Hernandez [6ix9ine, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez], a cooperating witness, and another individual in Brooklyn. As they were leaving a restaurant, an individual shouted a derogatory remark at Hernandez. The defendant confronted the individuals. The defendant, Hernandez, and the others got into their car and drove away. The individual who shouted the derogatory comment and another person followed them in another car. Eventually, the defendant got out of the car, ran towards the individuals and fired two shots at their car.