75-Year-Old Shot Her Grandson For Placing His Tea Cups On Her Furniture

75-year-old Helen Washington has been accused of grabbing her pistol and opening fire on her grandson after the two got into an heated argument about placing tea cups on her furniture.

Oct. 12 the victim (unnamed minor) was at his grandmother’s house having a glass of tea. Washington apparently doesn’t allow beverages on her furniture and an argument began about where he was sitting his glass.

Sources say that Washington took the tea, poured it out and went to fetch a gun and when she came back the victim had gotten another glass of tea and placed it on the table again. The arguing continued and Washington allegedly pulled out the gun and shot her grandson in the leg with a 38 special revolver.

Police arrested Washington. She told them she did not think she should be jailed and asked where the bullet had struck her grandson.

Washington is due to make her next court appearance on Dec. 18.


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