A filmmaker is suing Beyoncé for allegedly lifting scenes from his short film for ‘Lemonade’.

Beyonce’s Lemonade First Week Sales Projections

A filmmaker is sour about Beyoncé’s latest album — claiming in a lawsuit that he was sipping the lemonade first.

Matthew Fulks is seeking unspecified profits from Bey’s provocative album, alleging the trailer for “Lemonade” ripped off several elements from his short film “Palinoia.”

In a suit filed Wednesday in a New York federal court and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Fultz says the singer’s 60-second trailer stole nine visual similarities from his 2014 work.

Among the alleged similar scenes are shots of a dimly lit parking lot, graffiti-covered walls, “red person with eyes obscured” and “overgrown” grass.

The filmmaker, who is also a creative director at a Louisville, Ky., news station, theorizes his material was stolen last year.

Is this really necessary? A lawsuit

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Beyonce Lemonade Lawsuit by NEW YORK DAILY NEWS


Beyoncé is being sued for allegedly lifting scenes from short film for ‘Lemonade’ by filmmaker