Album Stream: Gucci Mane Brick Factory Vol. 3


The Atlanta rapper lets us stream his new  album, Brick Factory Vol. 3 It comes with 13 tracks and has features from Peewee Longway, Young Thug and more.. Now available for download on Itunes

1. Down On That (Feat. Young Thug)
2. Heart Attack (Feat. Young Thug)
3. Lost My Plug (Feat. Peewee Longway)
4. Aint Going Back (Feat. MPA Duke & Young Thug)
5. Back To Back (Feat. Bankroll Fresh)
6. Bombs (Feat. MPA Duke & Peewee Longway)
7. Stripper (Feat. HoodRich Pablo Juan, MPA Duke & PeeWee Logway)
8. Cookies (Feat. Wicced, Young Thug & Lil B)
9. Do To Much (Feat. MPA Wicced, Peewee Longway & MPA Duke)
10. My All (Feat. Young Thug & Lil B)
11. Kill My Opponent (Feat. MPA Wicced & Peewee Longway)
12. Shotas & Rostas (Feat. Young Thug, Khrome 1 & Young LA)
13. Whoa (Feat. Wicced)