Baltimore Teacher Gets Punched In The Face By Student.

Video we posted yesterday 11/17/2018 has went viral showing a Baltimore teacher getting sucker punched in the face by a student.

The crazy footage was captured at Frederick Douglass High School in Gwynns Falls Parkway after an altercation between the elderly teacher and a female student.

Student Said: F**k is you talking about? Don’t f**king get smart with me, straight up before landing a hard punch to the face.

Sources say that the teacher had just returned to her classroom after receiving cancer surgery.

A statement by the Baltimore City School system told local news that they’re investigating the incident

The Baltimore Teachers Union President, Marietta English,  released a statement:

“The footage of a student punching one of our members in the face is absolutely deplorable. Our teachers and paraprofessionals work too hard and sacrifice too much of their time, creativity and genuine love for teaching to be treated in such a manner by anyone, including their students.

As I stated in my testimony before the new school security policy was passed by the School Board last spring, the District must develop and implement policies that not only provide options for students who express this type of behavior, but also protection and other measures for the teachers, staff and students who bear the brunt of their rage.”



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