Bill Cosby Accused Of Raping And Drugging Actress Barbara Bowman When She Was 17

Barbara Bowman accused bill cosby of rape

Barbara Bowman

“I’m finally revealing all of my full story in hopes that others will learn to read the tell-tale signs of abuse and not wait as long as I did.
No one believed me for years. They said Bill Cosby would never do that. That it was preposterous. But I’m putting my name out there and standing behind these words, just like Burress.

No more code of silence. I’ve been silent too long. It’s time to raise a fuss. I’m a real person that this happened to. And it’s taken decades to get over what he did to me. I thank Hannibal Burress for speaking out over and over again, despite the threats from the Industry that it could ruin his career. He is standing up for me and the other women who are too afraid to speak out.”


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