“If You Can Breath, You Can Talk”…Video Released After Man Dies In Police Custody.

If You Can Breath, You Can Talk

Bad cops are out here just killing people…Similar to George Floyd’s death this man died while in police custody.

The Conway Police Department released bodycam footage from a February incident where 39-year-old Lionel Morris died after store clerks at a supermarket told police two people were shoplifting.

Harps grocery store clerks in Conway contacted officers  and told them that two people were shoplifting after they took a drone out of its box and discarded the box.

Video released shows Morris was initially friendly with officers and told them he planned to buy everything in his cart. But when officers began to put him and his girlfriend in cuffs, Morris ran.

 Video shows a officer with his knee on Morris’s back inside Harps Food Store, Morris, handcuffed and lying face down, repeatedly offered a succinct and familiar plea: “I can’t breathe.”

“If you can talk, you can breathe. Chill out,” replied the officer, according to body-cam footage.

Morris was unresponsive when medical personnel arrived. He was pronounced dead while being transported to the hospital.