Caught On Video: Argument Turns Into A Hit-And-Run After Driver Gets Attacked! (Video)”

hit and run

After a woman was continuing to push and shove a driver, the driver decided to do the unexpected

Apparently the woman making the initial threats and assault on the driver is not impressed with someone seeing ‘her man. So, the driver does what many of us would have liked to have done.

The woman left lying on the road suffered a brain hemorrhage and a fractured leg and remains in a serious condition in hospital.

The police are searching for the driver, who has not surrendered themselves.

cell phone video released of a hit-and-run accident over the weekend that left a woman with a brain hemorrhage and a fractured leg. The incident occurred near Northwest 14th Street and “B” Avenue Sunday night. Police now believe the victim was actually the aggressor. The video shows the woman kicking, punching and cursing at a woman in the red car. After several minutes, the driver takes off, knocking the woman underneath the car’s door and dragging her briefly..