Checkers Employee Was Arrested For Throwing Hot Grease At Customers.

A Philadelphia Checkers employee was arrested for allegedly throwing grease at three customers.

28-Year-Old Latifah Linder tossed hot grease on a customer in the drive-thru early Saturday morning, according to Philadelphia Police. The incident reportedly happened at around 3 a.m. at a Philadelphia, Penn., location.  The fast food employee, twenty-eight-year-old Latifah Linder, and three women in the drive-thru got into an argument over the order. The women allegedly told the employee their order was wrong, but the employee working the drive-thru refused to change it.  Linder grabbed a cup of hot grease and threw it at the women in the car after they refused to leave the drive-thru. 

The women continued to sit in the drive-thru. Linder then grabbed two pans of grease and threw it at the women.  Police were called to the incident.   The driver was taken to the hospital where she was treated with first degree burns, the outlet reports. The other two women were treated on scene.   Linder is facing charges including aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.