Video: Chicago Man High On PCP Beats Female Cop Unconscious


A man allegedly high on the drug PCP was captured beating a woman cop unconscious and fighting off at least ten others in shocking dashcam footage. Parta Huff, 28, left a female police officer with severe concussion after being slammed into the concrete pavement and punched in the head. He also pulled out chunks of her hair and left a second cop with concussion and a broken thumb, according to reports. It took up to a dozen more officers who responded to the incident to pull Huff, who was also Tasered twice, from the woman officer. He was found to have drug PCP in his system, police said. Huff has now been charged with attempted murder and multiple counts of assaulting a police officer in Chicago. Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the woman officer told him she was afraid to use her gun due to the potential for backlash.