Chinese Restaurant owner arrested for kidnapping black teen at gunpoint

58 Year-old Fabao Chen was arrested after video shows him allegedly kidnapping a black teen from a local grocery store.

Surveillance video from surrounding businesses shows the suspect grabbing the child by the arm and taking him to his Chinese restaurant on West Broadway Kentucky.

Video shows Chen pulling out a gun which turned out later to be a BB Gun.

An arrest report states that at approximately 4.30pm, Chen forcibly snatched the boy from the store against his will. He can be seen surveillance in footage pulling the boy to his restaurant.

The Kroger and the Double Dragon are roughly 150yards away from each other and are separated by a large parking lot.  

Bystanders tell Chen to let the boy go and even point out that his mom has entered the store at one point, but the restaurant owner refuses and still holds onto the teen tightly.

At his court appearance on Wednesday, Chen claimed – through an interpreter – that the teen threw a broken bottle inside the establishment. 

He is currently being held at Louisville Metro Corrections. 

Chen has been ordered not to communicate with the restaurant.