Mother Who Pulled A Gun On Barber For Taking Too Long Faces Sentencing.

The woman who pulled a gun at a Cleveland barber school because her child’s haircut was taking too long was sentenced to six months in prison.

Andrea Smith appeared for sentencing Tuesday morning on charges of attempted carrying a concealed weapon, menacing, and endangering children.

Surveillance video shows Smith pointing a gun at a barber at Allstate Barber College on Lorain Avenue on April 14. Police say she threatened the barbers for taking too long to cut her son’s hair.

While she pointed the gun at the victim, she allegedly said, “I got two clips. I’ll pop you!”

The victim finished the cut and the suspect left with her children. No one was hurt, but the student barbers say the entire incident was bizarre.

After the judge handed down the sentence, Smith was taken away immediately to jail.