Florida Cop Accused Of Breaking 17 Year Old Boy’s Jaw For Messing Around With His Daughter.

Florida cop Lowrie Cornell Simon, 37 was arrested on Sunday for punching a 17-year-old boy in the face over his 13-year-old daughter.

Simon’s allegedly punched Kristian Stanley, in the face with such force that he broke the teenagers jaw, requiring the teen to seek medical attention.

According to reports, Simon believed that 17-year-old Stanley was having sex with his little girl and told the teen he wanted to talk to him. After a short conversation the teen denied having a relationship with his daughter, the denial must have struck a cord because that’s when Simon allegedly punched Stanley in the mouth and chest breaking the teens jaw and loosing up some of his teeth. 

After the attack, the minor teen had to seek medical attention and went to Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital and learned he had a broken jaw, in addition the teen also had his teeth knocked out of place and required rewiring to position the teeth back in their proper positions. 

Simon was arrested on Sunday, on a charge of felony battery.


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