Crazy B**ch: Keyshia Cole Tried To Egg Bow Wow’s Car For Revenge

Keyshia Cole Triend To Egg Bow Wow's Car For Revenge

Bow Wow’s friend WackStar took to his instagram page to confront Keyshia Cole‘s for mistakenly egging his car.. Caught on camera Bow Wow witnessed Keyshia throwing eggs at his Friend Wacksta’s whip.“@keyshiacole check this out blood i don’t got nothing to do wit what ever you got going on 4 you to egg my car , keep me out the bulls**t,” he wrote:

Bow-Wow-1- Bow-Wow-2Bow-Wow-Friends-Car-

It seems like Shade Moss and Keyshia Chopped it up..


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Bow Wow got the worst birthday present ever — an egging, which his crew thinks came at the hands of his ex-girlfriend Keyshia Cole … as breakup revenge.

Bow Wow tweeted early Wednesday that “one of his exes” egged two luxury cars parked outside his home — fortunately for him, the culprit messed up and yolked his friend’s rides. That friend posted pics of the damage and pointed the finger at Keyshia.