Crew Love: Fetty Wap’s Remy Boyz


 Crew Love: Fetty Wap’s Remy Boyz —  Fetty Wap-led crew Remy Boyz break down their connection, their sound, what’s next and more.Our Crew Love feature was in need of revival, and who better to do it then the buzzing Remy Boyz? The Fetty Wap-led group are still basking in the success off “Trap Queen,” and they haven’t slowed down a bit, releasing melodic trap bangers weekly. Last week alone they released three new records, all of which made it to our hot 100, Nonetheless, it’s still a bit confusing as to who is in Remy Boyz, what’s the difference between Remy Boyz and Zoo Gang? Not to mention RGF Productions…So we went straight to the source. Remy Boyz is comprised of three members, Fetty Wap, Monty and P. Dice. Each rapper broke down their various aliases, their age, how they linked up, what they did before rap, career highlights and more. Fetty also tries to differentiate Remy Boyz, RGF and Zoo Gang, detailing that everything falls under the RGF umbrella. “Zoo Gang is a branch off of RGF, which falls under Remy Boyz. Basically out of the camp, all three we got our own labels if you wanna put it that way,” Fetty Wap says, adding, “But everything fall under Remy Boyz, which fall under RGF– Zoo Gang is RGF, everything is RGF, you could just look at it like that.” The trio also discuss their sound, what’s next and more. VIA @HNHH