Customer Leaves Applebee’s Server Racist Note “We Don’t Tip Black People”.

Hardin County

Instead of a tip, a Applebee’s waitress received a racist message written on the back of a napkin.

The napkin was a handwritten that read, “We don’t tip black people.”

“You took the time to write a note, ‘We don’t tip black people’ — but you couldn’t take a second to say hello or thank you?” Regina Boone, the server’s mother said.

Boone said her daughter, Jasmine Brewer, waited on a party of four at the Radcliff Applebee’s in mid-September. Afterward, the two men and two women departed, leaving only the handwritten note and no tip.

Boone posted a picture of the hateful words to Facebook with a passionate message saying in part, “You think racism does not exist, IT DOThe post has been shared hundreds of times, receiving hundreds of supportive comments.