David Banner Arrested In D.C. After Altercation With A Club Bouncer.

David Banner Arrested For In D.C. For Altercation With A Club Bouncer.

Video obtained by TMZ shows record producer, actor and rapper David Banner getting into an altercation with a bouncer and he ended up getting arrested.

Apparently it all started when a friend of Banner’s got denied at Ozio Restaurant on  Sunday in D.C. We’re told pissed off Banner went after the bouncer.

According to the police report, he clenched a fist and told the bouncer, “I got you n*****, I got you. You a sellout n*****. I got money.” He also allegedly threw money and credit cards at the bouncer during the exchange.

When the responding officer tried to break things up Banner told him, “I don’t give a f*** about no police!” And then he got arrested for inciting a fight.

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