2 People Arrested In Deli Shootout Involving Rapper Fetty Wap.

2 more people arrested  in connection with a shooting involving Fetty Wap in Paterson New Jersey.

Raheem Thomas, was arrested on aggravated assault and weapons charges after the shooting occurred in Paterson early Sunday, will now face an armed robbery charge.

Thomas, 36, had a handgun and hollow point bullets when he was arrested on the armed robbery charge, authorities said, so he’s also facing weapons charges and a count of receiving stolen property. 

Another man, Sylvester Huffin, 34, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder and three weapons charges, prosecutors announced later Wednesday. He faces several decades in prison if convicted on all counts.

#Tmz ran into #Fettywap after the robbery incident and he seems unbothered ? still shining and counting money @tmz_tv

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