Don Q Arrested For Weed & Guns, A Boogie Shows Up To Court..

According to TMZ Highbridge, Bronx, New York City rapper Don Q got into some trouble with the law on Thursday. 

Don was arrested on Thursday for  felony possession of a .22 caliber and a bag of Marijuana after being pulled over during a traffic stop.

Q had a bag of weed tucked in his underwear during the search before being put in cuffs, he was released the next day after getting hella support from his fans and his partner A Boogie during his arraignment.

and they all must’ve left happy. He was released without bail, and isn’t due back to court until February.

His attorney, Stacey Richman, said there was NO reason for the initial traffic stop, or for cops to search Q and his friends.

Luckily He didn’t have Meek Mill’s Lawyer..