DoorDash Food Delivery Driver Attacked By Man Claiming To Be ‘JESUS’.

A Muslim Doordash food driver was attacked by a man claiming to be Jesus while delivering food.

Sonya King said a man grabbed her by her head scarf and strangled her at a house on South Grand Avenue.

King said she feared for her life the day she was making the drop off in northwest Atlanta.

The door was open when she said a 54-year-old man inside told her to leave the food on the counter. “He seemed normal. Anybody would have went in,” King said.

The woman was headed for the door when she said he told her he wanted to give her a cash tip. “In the process of him going through his wallet, he said, ‘Oh and by the way im Jesus,'” King said.

She kept walking to the door when she said she felt him come from behind and grab her head scarf.

“He’s grabbing me and trying to choke me with my own niqab. I kept telling that man I’ve got kids. In the midst of me fighting him, he’s grabbing my head,” King said. “He thought he was Jesus, but Jesus wouldn’t do that to nobody.”

She used her finger to poke his eye and her car keys to fight back.

“In the midst of me stabbing this man, he’s saying, ‘Aw this feels good,'” King said.

Police arrested Rick Painter after King got away and called 911.

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