Facebook video shows Children Fighting & Adults cheering are now being investigated.

Facebook Video shows children fighting & adults cheering are being investigated.

Sick footage of two young children fighting and adults cheering are now under investigation

Two separate videos were posted on Facebook  Sunday showing children getting into a major brawl while adults laughed, cheer and video taped them.

In one Facebook video, two young shirtless boys, fought each other on a city sidewalk. In one clip, the taller child knocks the shorter boy to the ground. The boy then begins to cry. The 32-second clip then cuts to the two boys fighting near a porch, while a young girl tries to separate them.

A second video, that’s 2 minutes and 27 seconds long, shows the shorter boy telling someone inside a parked minivan: “Get out. Get out.”

The little girl gets out and goes after the boy with a shoe. She also tells the boy: “You’re not getting in my mother’s car anymore.”

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