Fake FedEx workers ties up family and steals $130k cash and jewelry.

Fake FedEx workers

Shocking footage shows two men invading a Brooklyn families home, one dressed as a FedEx delivery driver and another man impersonating a police officer.

Police said the man dressed as a FedEx worker was holding a package when he knocked on the door of the 6th Avenue home in Bay Ridge at around 3:00 p.m. Monday.

After the fake delivery man got in, a second man walked up the front steps and entered the home behind him.

Police said the two tied up a man, a woman, and an elderly woman in the home then ran off with $40,000 in cash, $80,000 in jewelry… likely from a safe.

The apparent robbers then fled the scene, possibly in a getaway vehicle.

The NYPD believes the victims were targeted, as they’re believed to be local business owners.