Father Arrested For Boarding School Bus With A Gun During Fight.

School Bus

Father arrested for getting on a school bus and pulling out his gun during a fight that broke out on Wednesday morning.

31 Year-Old Christian Goodson was charged with child endangerment, 2 counts of unlawful use of a weapon,
2nd-degree property damage and 4th-degree assault after he stormed onto a sixth-gade bus with his gun out.

Goodson’s daughter got into a scuffle with other students at a school bus stop.

When students boarded the bus Goodson followed after them and the driver closed the door trying to stop him from boarding, but he pulled out a gun breaking and broke the window.

The bus driver opened the door out of fear that Goodson would start shooting.

Children ran to the back of the bus to take cover, but goodson took his two children then left.

According to the charging documents, the gun was a loaded pistol.

The bus driver called for help and the Berkeley Police and district administrators came to the scene.