Bodycam Shows Angry Female Cop Waving Gun in Air Shouting Threats.

A Brusly Police Department officer resigned after a disturbing situation was caught on an Addis police officer’s body camera last month. Addis officers were investigating a domestic dispute at a local business where a husband and his estranged wife worked. Addis officers resolved the situation. Then, Brusly Police Officer Shellie Maranto, arrived in a rage outside her jurisdiction. The body camera footage obtained clearly shows Brusly Police Officer Shellie Maranto approaching a group of officers at a high rate of speed in her unmarked police unit. She immediately exited the vehicle and began yelling, “The f****** c*** is going to jail. I’m going to kill her, the whore.” Moments after Maranto arrives, she begins waving her Brusly Police Department issued service weapon in the air as she continues shouting profanities.

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