Florida man arrested as he live streamed himself hitting a newborn in the head with a box.

Florida police arrested a man that live streamed himself doing multiple crimes including hitting a newborn in the head with a box.

Ryan Greenlee was taken into custody by Largo police Wednesday night and was charged with six different counts including child abuse, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and resisting arrest with violence.

The perpetrator live-streamed the bizarre series of incidents on Facebook, starting from the moment he entered the Walgreens branch on Ulmerton Road in Largo, Florida.

Once inside the store, Greenlee looked to purchase two packs of beef jerky and waved his money at the camera but it soon became clear he did not have enough funds to buy the items.

When the staff realized Greenlee couldn’t afford the beef jerky he was asked to leave the premises, but he almost immediately became belligerent.

According to the arrest report, the defendant became disorderly while leaving and started throwing items off the counter. One of the objects, a box, hit a two-month-old baby in the head.



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