Florida Mom arrested for filming daughter licking tongue depressor, putting it back at doctor’s office

Florida Mom arrested for filming daughter licking tongue depressor

Doing it all for clout got this Jacksonville mother arrested on Thursday after police tracked her down for recording her daughter licking a tongue depressor at a doctor’s office and putting it back in the jar.

The cellphone video posted to her Snapchat went viral after a third person shared it on Facebook

Above the jar is a sign that reads, “Please do not touch medical supplies! Thank you.” There is an added Snapchat caption that reads, “Don’t tell me how to live my life.”

The mother, Cori Ward, said that she “wasn’t thinking” when she took the video and that the act was not part of the recent viral “licking challenge”.

She informed the station that she later removed the tongue depressor and others surrounding the contaminated depressor.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Ward 30 is facing a charge of tampering with consumer product without regard for possible death/bodily injury.