Florida Woman Shot Her Boyfriend For Snoring Too Loud

Flordia police arrested a lady on charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery after she went crazy and shot her boyfriend for snoring too loud.

Lorie Morin, 47 shot her live in partner Brett Allgood during a dispute because the man “was snoring loudly.”

According to sources the dispute escalated and Morin grabbed a shotgun and fired it, striking her boyfriend.

Allgood was rushed to hospital in the air ambulance.

The two had been dating for only three weeks when their night troubles came to a pretty violent head.

Allgood loud snoring disturbed Morin so much one night that she elbowed him in the ribs making him spend the night on the couch.

The next day he showed up to his girlfriend, with flowers, rum and snoring strips.

The couple begin drinking, Morin suddenly started ramming into Allgood about his snoring.

While he tried to leave drunk Morin picked up her shotgun and blasts him in the side.