Gay Couple Asked To Leave Children’s Playground.

Gay Couple Asked To Leave Kids Playground.
Gay couple asked to leave children's playground

Georgia: A gay couple claims they were kicked out of a children’s playground located at a mall in Savannah.

Victoria Torres, her girlfriend and her five-year-old nephew were visiting Tree House Adventures.

While at the kids play area, Torres placed her arm around her girlfriend, but was asked by an employee to stop, telling her the gesture was making the children uncomfortable.

When they refused, Torres says the employee became loud with her, causing them to leave.

Tree House Adventures owner Ben Saborio says he does not have a problem with the couple’s sexual orientation.

But says his business has a strict no “public-display-of-affection” policy, which is posted on a sign.

He still apologized for the employee’s behavior.

Torres said she had to explain to her nephew what had happened and “why people do that and how you’re not accepted everywhere you go. It’s hard explaining that to a five-year-old.”

Saboria called it “a really, really tough situation…But I welcome anybody. I don’t hate nobody.”

The couple has hired an attorney, but is not sure if they will take legal action.