Guy Pulls Gun On Popeyes Worker For Running Out Of Chicken Sandwiches.

A Houston man pulled his gun on a Popeyes worker after hearing that the restaurant had run out of its chicken sandwiches

The man was with two women, two men and a baby, all of whom were locked out by an employee. 

Houston police were called to the shop in South Houston about 9 p.m. Monday after employees at Popeyes Chicken called to say several people rushed the door.

The group then fled to an SUV and threw a can through the drive-thru window as they left the scene. 

No shots were fired and nobody was injured, with police using surveillance footage to try and identify the suspect. 

The introduction of the $3.99 Popeyes chicken sandwich on Aug. 12 has put customers in a frenzy, with the product selling out in only a few weeks.