Home Improvement Actor Zachery Ty Bryan Allegedly Strangled Girlfriend.

Home Improvement

39 Year-old Zachery Ty Bryan better known as Brad Taylor on the American sitcom Home Improvement was arrested Friday after officers responded to a 911 call regarding a reported physical altercation.

Bryan neighbors called the police Friday night in Eugene, when officers arrived, they found Zach sitting outside his apartment and his girlfriend hiding at a friend’s place across the way.

Bryan allegedly strangled his woman, then took away her phone when she attempted calling 911. In the paraphrasing from the Post, he also “impeded her breathing.” That resulted in charges including strangulation.

Cops told TMZ that neighbors had been the ones to call for help. Officers reportedly said that the incident started with an argument. The woman claimed that Bryan got his hands around her throat, and squeezed. In this account, she escaped after he attempted to take away her phone.