SAD: Teen Killed Over $200 Pair Of Brand New Jordan 11’s!

A Washington, D.C. mother believes her teenage son was killed this week all over his $220 brand-new red Nike Air Jordans.

17-year-old James Anthony Smith desperately wanted popular sneakers for Christmas, and so his mother granted him his wish as an early Christmas gift.

James, wore his shoes for four days before he was shot on a basketball court at the Frederick Douglass Community Center on Monday evening. James was found a block away, on the street, shoeless, prompting his mother, Benita Smith, to believe that whoever attacked her son did so for the sneakers.

The shooter, the grieving mother said, “just wasted another person’s life as well as his own.”

Detectives “tentatively think” that James’ death may be related to a robbery, Police Chief Peter Newsham noted, but said that the investigation was ongoing. No arrests have been made in the case.