Ain’t Know Love: Lil Wayne Disses Cash Money While Performing In Denver.

Ain't Know Love Lil Wayne Disses Cash Money In Denver While Performing.

In case you guys thought the beef was over between Wayne and Birdman..well guess again.
Weezy was performing on Saturday (May 21) where he fired some more shots at the Label.

In fact, Wayne got the whole crowd involved, having them repeat these statements: “F#ck the bullshit” and “Fuck Cash Money.”

Birdman has been doing his best to extend an olive branch to Wayne and make him forget about his outstanding lawsuit against Cash Money. They were spotted hanging out on multiple occasions around New Years, and Birdman even drunkenly declared that he would “die for” Wayne. But even then, Wayne made it clear he had no intentions of dropping the lawsuit, and it looks like he is still very much bitter about the way Cash Money treated him. He isn’t the only one… Tyga released a Cash Money diss track last week.