Lyft Passenger Caught Giving Oral Sex In The Back Seat, Punches Driver

Lyft Passenger

According to Dailyvoice

A Lyft driver was punched in the face by one of his passengers after he caught her giving Oral sex in the back seat of his car.

Around 4:15 a.m. the driver said he heard a loud smacking noise in the back seat of his 2017 Honda Accord that’s when he saw the 20-Year-Old performing oral sex on a man.

Ashley Williams of Elmwood Park punched the driver in his face when he stopped his vehicle and asked them to get out…..her companion were arrested after he threw something at the car, damaging it.

The driver fled, then flagged down a uniformed officer, the sergeant said, adding that police found and arrested the couple a short time later.

Police charged Williams with assault and Jackson with criminal mischief before releasing both pending court hearings.