Chicago Man Caught Sexually Assaulting 7-Year-Old Girl During Online Class.

Chicago Man Caught Sexually Assaulting 7-Year-Old Girl During Online Class.

An 18-year-old man was arrested after he was caught sexually assaulting a 7 Year-Old girl during an online class while the victim’s classmates and teacher watched.

Chicago police received a call on Thursday afternoon of a 7-year-old girl was seen performing sexual acts on a man live during an online learning session.

Catrell Walls was charged with predator criminal sexual assault, Chicago Police online records show.


The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office stated the crime occurred in a home but was witnessed by others accidentally over a Google Meets class session.
The victim's teacher said during lunch and independent study periods, students are allowed to sign off of their virtual learning session or stay logged on but with their cameras and microphones off. But in this case, the 7-year-old girl accidentally forgot to turn off her camera, prosecutors said.
Four students were still signed on and witnessed the assault, asking what was happening. That’s when the teacher also noticed the assault and told everyone to sign off.
CBS reported the teacher saw the suspect pick up the girl’s computer and close it. She reported the incident to the school’s principal, and school officials notified the family and authorities.
The girl later reportedly told investigators that was not the first time she was assaulted.
The suspect remains in jail without bond after appearing in court over the weekend. He was also arrested in August on a weapons charge, Chicago Police records showed.