Man killed 4 people including child, over stimulus check argument.

Man killed 4 people

 A man is accused of gunning down 4 people, including a 7-year-old, after arguing with his girlfriend because he wanted some of her stimulus payment.

25 Year-old Malik Halfacre was arrested on Tuesday after the victims were found dead over the weekend in an Indianapolis home.

The victims that was killed were ages 7, 23, 35, and 44. Halfacre’s girlfriend who was was hospitalized in stable condition told authorities that Halfacre took off with their 6-month-old daughter .

The suspect’s sister told police that Halfacre admitted to the killings and fled with the help of a friend. Police later found him hiding in the attic of another home. The baby was found safe at his sister’s home.

After being in custody Halfacre later confessed that him and his girlfriend got into a heated argument over her stimulus check.

After he was taken into custody, Halfacre told police that he and his girlfriend “were arguing because he wanted some of her stimulus check.” Arrest records said Halfacre admitted he took the money, his girlfriend’s purse and her car after the shooting.

Halfacre was charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery.