Man tied up security guard, stole $8,000 worth of crab legs.

Man tied up security guard

A Columbia man is facing several charges after police say he broke into a warehouse, tied up security guard and stole $8,000 worth of crab legs.

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department arrested 28 Year-Old Johnathan Dewayne Dorsey and charged him with armed robbery, second-degree burglary and kidnapping.

Police put a warrant out for Dorsey for an incident that happened on January 18, 2020, at the US Foods distribution center in Lexington.

Detectives believe that Dorsey was not alone, and he and his co-defendants threatened the security guard with a gun. 

According authorities they tied up a security guard, stole his phone and key card. With that card they got into the warehouse and stole two pallets of frozen crab legs worth $8,400.