Man tosses 5 -year-old child from a 3rd floor balcony at the Mall of America.

On Friday a 5 -year-old child was tossed off a third floor balcony at the Mall of America in Bloomington.

Officers have identified the 24-year-old man as Emmanual Deshawn Aranda, he was charged with attempted homicide and is currently being held at the Bloomington Police Department.

Aranda is said to be from the Minneapolis metro area. 

Police were called to the Mall this morning after the man, who is not thought to be of any relation, allegedly threw the child from the balcony.

Witnesses chased the man down and he was later arrested, so far there’s no relationship between the man and the family he’s just an alleged sick bastard.

Emergency crews had rushed to help the child who was seen lying in a puddle of blood.