Man who attacked real estate agent in California arrested.

real estate agent

California man who pushed real estate agent in the bushes was arrested on Tuesday faces assault charges with a deadly weapon.

45 year-old Alen Karaboghosian was seen on surveillance camera attacking and groping a 51-year-old woman on Sunday in the Encino neighborhood.

LA say ‘bodily force’ is considered a deadly weapon.

Two more women came forward with disturbingly similar accounts of an encounter with the man.

The woman was hosting an open house when the man, posing as a prospective client, shoved her to the ground before groping her breasts in the violent midday attack. 

The woman, who asked that her name be withheld, said she recognized the man who attacked her because he had come to her open house the previous week and was acting strangely and inappropriately. 

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The realtor with the company with Keller Williams, who asked not to be named or have her face shown on TV, told KTLA there was something about the man that made her wary, so she stayed outside the house with him in full view of a surveillance camera. 
After making some small talk with the woman, the man looked directly into the camera and smiled, then shook the realtor's hand, as if preparing to leave.
A second later, he suddenly shoved her in the chest, causing the woman to fall backward onto a patch of grass in the front yard.
In the video, the woman is heard screaming in terror as the attacker runs towards her, bends down and is seen groping her breasts before fleeing on foot.