Mariah Carey’s LA Mansion Burglarized, Hit For $50K Worth Of Items.

Thieves break into Mariah Carey’s LA mansion, stole $50,000 in purses and sunglasses..

Mariah Carey is the latest big name star to have been targeted by burglars, with thieves taking $50,000 worth of items.

The burglars ran off with bags and sunglasses from her Los Angeles home around 3 AM Thursday.

the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer was in New York at the time of the break-in. Nobody was at the residence when the thieves entered, and a ladder was reportedly left behind in the backyard.

Surprisingly, we’re told the crooks didn’t make off with any fabulous jewelry. Instead, they bagged up $50k worth of purses and sunglasses.

Her security team was not made aware of the burglary until several hours later even though the thieves set off a silent alarm, according to TMZ. Los Angeles police are reportedly investigating the crime.


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