Two Women Assaulted McDonald’s Employee Over Missing Nuggets. 

Two Women Assaulted McDonald's Employee Over Missing Nuggets. 

Video shows two women brutally assaulting a McDonald’s employee over not receiving chicken Nuggets.

Police say two women climbed in the drive-thru window at an Indianapolis McDonalds and assaulted an employee because they didn’t get their chicken McNuggets. 

The manager told police he was working the drive-thru window when two women pulled up complaining they did not receive their chicken nuggets. 

When the manager told the women they didn’t order nuggets or pay for them, even printing out a receipt to show them, the pair tried to order some at the window. 

The women then began pounding on the window and honking their car horn, claiming they had been disrespected. They then climbed into the drive-thru window, knocking over a basin full of tea and a tablet register before assaulting the manager. 


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Is it worth going to jail?


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