McDonald’s Worker Accused Of Spitting In Officers Burger Faces Felony Charge.

McDonald's Worker Accused Of Spitting In Officers Burger

Former Mc Donald’s worker accused of tampering with a Bakersfield police officers order has been ordered to stand trial on a felony charge.

Surveillance video captured the moment a Mc Donald’s employee spit in a officers burger for no reason.

21 Year-Old Tatyana Hargrove faces a felony charge of willfully poisoning a police officer in November.

A judge dismissed a misdemeanor battery charge filed against Tatyana Hargrove after finding insufficient evidence to support it.

According to Hargrove rubbed the bun on the floor before spitting on it as she prepared the officers order.

Video recorded Nov. 15, 2019, shows Hargrove wiping her mouth with her arm, seemingly indicating she spit into the food.

A felony charge against Trevino, who didn’t halt her alleged actions nor alerted supervisors, was dismissed in exchange for his trial testimony.

According to testimony, at the time of the alleged incident Hargrove shouted, “Black lives matter! F— the pigs”.