Minnesota man sentenced after throwing meth-filled ‘death party’ for wife.

Minnesota man

A Minnesota man was sentenced for throwing a meth-filled death Party for his dying wife.

According to nydailynew Duane Johnson, 59 was slapped with three-years behind bars on Monday.

Johnson’s wife Debra Johnson, 69 died in January after she overdosed on Meth, she lived in a nursing home when she told Duane to take her out because she wanted to “DIE AT HOME”.

The defendant had told investigators that he threw the “death party” which had lasted about five days.

They both had been using meth and he insisted she wanted to “party” before she passed away.

Duane pleaded guilty earlier this year to criminal neglect in connection her death. A third-degree murder charge was dropped as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.

Duane Johnson was naked when his wife’s body was found in their Searles home on Jan. 24.

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