Mississippi Pawn Shop Owner Sucker Punch Black Customer Over Loan Dispute.

Tramaury Barnes took out his cell phone and went Live on facebook after employees of the Top Dollar Pawn Shop started acting aggressively.

Barnes went to the store on April 3rd to pawn his AR-12 Semi-automatic Shotgun for a loan and had every intention of paying the cash back within the store’s 30-day limit.

Barnes says that the ticket the manager gave him said he only owed $432 dollars on it “But when he went to go get his gun, the price changed to $600 and that’s not what his ticket said.”

In the video, you can hear the employee warn Barnes not to touch him.
The employee then takes a swing at Barnes, knocking him and the phone to the floor.

“As I was leaving the business, the owner came out and shot at me,” Barnes said. “He just fired off a round.”

Barnes has filed multiple charges against the employees, including assault and battery.

“We think my client has suffered a number of damages and so we are pursing civil remedies,” Lawyer Damon Stevenson said.

“We anticipate having a lawsuit filed against the pawn shop in the coming days.”

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