Mom charged with having 2 guns in baby’s diaper bag at Disney World.

Mom charged with having 2 guns in baby's diaper bag at Disney World.

A Georgia women visiting Disney’s Epcot was recently arrested after security guards found two guns and some marijuana in her Childs diaper bag.

Just three days after reopening from the pandemic shutdown 27 Year-Old Yunique Smith faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

Smith and another man their 7-month-old daughter and her 7-year-old son was going through the park security line when Disney found a semi-automatic 9mm handgun and a plastic bag containing marijuana.

They were all escorted to a secure room where a deputy opened the bag and found the 1st gun as well as a plastic bag that contained the marijuana

The report states Smith admitted right away that the gun and the bud in the diaper bag belonged to her.

Deputies did another search of the bag and found the second handgun in the bottom of it after the adult male requested to change the infant’s diaper,

Deputies say Smith admitted to owning that gun as well.