Mother Attacked Her Children Over CoronaVirus School Closure.

Mother Attacked

A Utah mother was arrested for suspicion child abuse, domestic violence and intoxication after she allegedly attacked her husband and children over school closing.

Officers were called to the home of 36-Year-Old Jessica Cambray around midnight on Tuesday where she lives with her husband and three sons, ages 12, 12 and 9.

Police responded to a Domestic Violence call and found Cambray intoxicated.

She was upset about her children’s school closing due to the coronavirus.

The father and three children were spending time together in the boys’ bedroom. Jessica came into the room after on-and-off verbal arguments and began pushing her husband.

Cambray told police she slapped her husband, but the children said she was “choking” him. She kicked one child and twisted the arm of another who tried to help their father.