Mother Put Her 2 Sons In The Oven And Burned Them Alive After She Was Forced To Quit Her Job.

Atlanta mother women Lamora William was charged with murder in the deaths of 1-year-old son Ja’Karter Penn and 2-year-old Ke-Yaunte Penn after she allegedly put them in the oven and turned it on and burned them alive on Friday.

Police said the children had obvious injuries, including burns. A neighbor shared a photo that shows police removing a huge piece of evidence: the entire oven from inside the apartment.

A third boy, 3-year-old Jameel Penn Jr., was found unharmed.

Williams waived a court appearance Monday and was denied bail.

The father of all three children, Jameel Penn, says Williams called him by video chat Friday night to tell him his children were dead. Penn says he called police after seeing his sons on the floor.

Late Saturday night, family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil. The boys’ grandfather was heartbroken and vocal after learning what this mother allegedly has done.

“Don’t be stubborn, trying to get back at somebody out of nothing. Think about the kids first,” he said.