Move-in Martha: Woman tries to stop 2 people from helping their friend move into complex.

Move-in Martha

Disturbing video shows a Racist white lady getting into an altercation with a colored man and woman who were trying to help their friend move into her apartment complex.

The California lady earned the name ” move-in Martha ” after footage shows her demanding the colored man and woman to show identification or she’d called the police being that they weren’t tenants of the apartment complex.

Even though, she was correct about the man and woman not being tenants of the apartment complex. they were actually assisting their friend with the move in process, I guess that since they were colored she figured they were telling a lie and trying to rob the place.

Lastly, The white lady called the police while the man and woman was still trying to tell her that they were only there to move in the furniture for their friend; who was actually in the apartment.

Video from dailymail